Latest Notice Download. in Nursing (Basic)

  • The Candidates must have passed SSC and HSC within 3 years from Science group with Biology.
  • The Candidates must ave a cumulative GPA(Both SSC & HSC) total 6.00 but not less than GPA 2.50 in either SSC or HSC Examination.

Subject of in Nursing (Basic)

First Year

SL Subject Code Subject Name
1Anatomy Paper-I (114)
2Communicative English Paper – I (111)
3Behavioral Science (113)
4Information & Communication Technology Paper- II (112)
5Physiology Paper-II (115)
6Fundamentals of Nursing-I Paper-I (116)
7Fundamentals of Nursing-I Paper-II (117)

Second Year

SL Subject Code Subject Name
1B231Fundamentals of Nursing-2 (Paper-I) : Fundamentals Nursing & Health Assessment
2B231Fundamental of Nursing-2 (Paper-II): Nutrition
3B232Pediatric Nursing
4B233Medical & Surgical Nursing –1 (Paper-I) : Medical & Surgical Nursing
5B233Medical & Surgical Nursing-I (Paper-II) : Pharmacology
6B234 Orthopedic Nursing

Third Year

SL Subject Code Subject Name
1B331Medical & Surgical Nursing-2 (Paper I&II)
2B332Community Health Nursing
3B333Psychiatric Nursing
4B334Emergency and Critical Care Nursing

Fourth Year

SL Subject Code Subject Name
1B431Midwifery (Paper I&II)
2B432Nursing Education & Management (Paper I&II)
3B433Research in Nursing