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Rules for Nursing College

College Rules

For the safety and security of the institution and the students and on top in order to keep a peaceful learning environment students are allowed to meet only their parents and siblings with the permission of the authority in the certain allocated time.
However students may go out with gate pass which is applicable for the students of every year. Without any health issue students are not allowed to go to Hospital.
The student who will be absent for consecutive three months from the class without permission she will not be allowed to sit for the regular exam.
Students will get the library facilities from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
National and international days observation and cultural programs celebration will be held at college campus with the permission of the authority.
Students shall not indulge in any political or communal activity which is detrimental to the law and order and/or against the Government and they can’t join any student’s organization outside the KYANC.
Students shall treat the authority, employees, staff and patient of the institution with due courtesy at all times.
They should try to keep every place of the Campus neat and clean. No one will enter into the flower garden or destroy anything of it.
Strict disciplinary action will be taken against any student found guilty of any personal violence, grouping or involving in any disorderly activities.
They can’t get admitted to any other institution during the course otherwise they will be expelled from the course if it is proved.
Students’ marital status should be single until they pass in their final exam.
During the course all the original copies of certificates and academic transcripts will be preserved in KYANC.
All the rules and regulations provided by Bangladesh nursing and Midwifery council and the rules of the own nursing college should be followed accordingly during the course
Student’s registration should be filled up according to the instructions given by Bangladesh nursing and Midwifery council.
According to the dress code, students should appear with proper uniform in the clinical practice at hospital on time. If they don’t follow the dress code they will not be permitted to attend clinical practice and will not be allowed to appear in the exam.
During the class and duty time no ornaments is allowed and everyone’s cleanliness is must.
Practical classes, clinical practices and vacation will be determined by the college authority.
The student who misses the clinical practice she has to submit proper documents in favor of her absence and she must do that clinical practice later on.
If any student gets less than 60% mark in any exam she should retake that exam. Students have to get 60% marks, they should have 80% class attendance and they must present in clinical practice.
To protect the reputation of this institution and for the safety of the girls all the rules stated above should be practiced accordingly.
All the rules stated above may be changed or some new rules may be added according to the necessity of the institution.