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Rules for Hostel

Hostel Rules

Khwaja Yunus Ali Nursing College is a residential college but it is not mandatory for all students studying at KYANC to stay at Girls hostel/female dormitories.
No students are allowed to leave the hostel/dormitories without the permission of the hostel authority. For the safety of the students, they are not permitted to go outside the hall/dormitories after 6:00 PM.
It is prohibited to move here and there in the campus after the certain allocated time.
In any case of serious illness the hostel authority or the Principal should be reported through the housekeeper at once.
To keep the environment of the campus clean and beautiful and for the sake of health issue everyone’s room should be neat and clean properly. Each resident student is responsible for the cleanliness and good upkeep of the room allotted to her.
No visitors including father, brother, sister and friends is allowed to go or stay inside the hostel at night. Only student’s mother may go inside the hostel with the permission of housekeeper for some emergency cases but can’t stay at night.
Meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) should be taken in time at the dining hall.
Any sort of cooking is strongly prohibited inside the room or in any place of the hall. Electric stoves, room hitter is not allowed to be used.
Hostel authorities will not be responsible for any loss of money, jewelry or personal belongings of any student. Students are advised not to keep any cash/jewelry or any costly items in the room.
Personal TV, fridge, pets must be prohibited in the hostel.
Any misleading or false statement or information in the application form shall render the admission for termination and on such termination students shall stay at hostel.
It is the duty of the students to keep their room, toilet and bathroom neat and clean and don’t put the sanitary napkin, cotton etc in the commode; put them into the dustbin.
Don’t throw anything like paper, wastage, shampoo, chocolate, chips ‘packet through the window, grill or anywhere else rather put them into the dustbin.
Don’t do any sort of activities like watching TV, talking and singing loud that disturbs others.
Without the permission of authority or housekeeper students are not allowed to interchange of furniture/fixture or anything from her room to outside or to another room.
They can’t use others’ instruments without permission.
To stay at night outside the hostel is absolutely prohibited. If someone is accused for doing so her seat will be cancelled without any notice.
Behave friendly with the roommate. Sick reporting is necessary if you are sick. If the movement of your roommate is unusual than report to the housekeeper or hostel authority.
All the rules stated above may be changed or some new rules may be added according to the necessity of the institution.